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The Cannoleria Siciliana is a meeting point for all those who love the authentic and traditional Sicilian Pastry. Between San Giovanni and Via Appia, you can discover the flavors of the beautiful Sicily.Our mission is to offer the best Sicilian handicrafts while putting at your disposal a place where you can relax for a while in a busy day. The Sicilian Cannoleria has born first of all thanks to our passion for the wonderful Sicily and its varied culinary tradition.

Our Pastry Sicily in Rome wants to help the client to soak in the atmosphere through the taste and smell of some confectioners products. Cannoli siciliani, almond paste, ice cream and the typical Sicilian granita. We have more.

To understand the true Sicilian Culinary Art, you have to be able to soak in the flavors “salty”, enjoy some of the creams and traditional pesto of the nation. And it is for this reason that upon entering, you will immediately notice a selection of those who are the best crafts to bring to your table. The Sicilian Cannoleria wants to offer complete dishes and refined according to the tradition of our land. The best Pesto on pasta up to the dessert. Without taking anything away from unsurpassed regional wines. Nero d’Avola, Moscato, Marsala and CHARDONNAY are just some of the wines that you can find in our Sicilian pasticceria in Rome.

Since traditional confectionery to the more typical gourmet foods. Fritters, trousers, croquettes and pies, all in our store, La Cannoleria Siciliana. Every product displayed is following a specific preparation and only after the careful selection of ingredients, strictly organic and fresh. The semplicity of the ingredient base mixes to a processin accurat and creative, what made the Sicilian pasticceria one of the most popular worldwide.

You can find La Cannoleria Siciliana, Sicilian Pastry in Rome, at the store in Piazza Re di Roma, 10 or Corso Trieste, 100 or Piazzale degli Eroi, 24.

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