The Sicilian Pastry deserves special attention. For centuries they are improved recipes of the best Sicilian pastries, with a careful selection of ingredients and customizing the various stages of preparation.


The Sicilian Cuisine offers a variety of dishes born from the meeting of more gastronomic cultures. Within the same Sicilian cuisine you can explore different types of flavors, moving from the coast to the interior of the region, the typical Sicilian dishes are enriched with new ingredients or are completely replaced.


The variety of Sicilian Products, as well as the art of combining spices with ingredients more or less classic, is the culinary heritage of Sicily. A wealth of knowledge acquired over the centuries, when the region attracted the interest of peoples from all over the world.


Legend sees Sicily as the cradle of the vine, from which is extracted the precious nectar of the Gods. Moving from myth to reality, we can see that actually Sicilian wines are among the best in the world.


During the holiday, the traditional Sicilian cuisine prevails at national level. Simple products are used for the creation of elaborate and original recipes Christmas and Easter, this provides us with the best Sicilian food.