The variety of Sicilian Products, as well as the art of combining spices with ingredients more or less classic, is the culinary heritage of Sicily. A wealth of knowledge acquired over the centuries, when the region attracted the interest of peoples from all over the world.

The meeting of different cultures has made possible the birth of creams, pests, jams and pate envied by all Italy. An explosive mix of flavors, capable of winning over even the most critical palate. Sicily is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, but it’s the art that you can taste at the table that really wins tourists.

There are few places that are able to create fantastic recipes in their authenticity. Sicily is one of these. At the base of Sicilian Products there are common ingredients, but there are at the same time various combinations, spices and cooking methods used to create a divine dish.

A heritage that, that is extending to the whole Italy. In fact you can find the best products Sicilian in Rome and in this way enjoy pesto made from fresh basil, ricotta, garlic, tomatoes and almonds. Without giving up the best jams in the tradition, the most delicious seafood and pickles created with only fresh, natural products.


Our selection of Sicilian pests is prepared with high-quality food products closely related to the gastronomy of OUR LAND. The pistachio, almonds and OTHER PREPARATIONS FO YOU THAT WE HAVE CHOSEN FOR YOU will give your top a bright color and taste Mediterranean intense and engaging. A spicy flavor on the palate, but at the same time delicate and fine. Decided and just as good as we do in the south.



We’re just a cream for your desserts I would make a small masterpiece of goodies, but what cream to choose? From Lemon Cream with those red pepper and pistachio to make it even more delicious your cakes!



The Cannoleria Sicilian pate evolve all the intense flavor and decided the raw materials used and are enriched with extra virgin olive oil. The use of recipes expertly honed over the years and of traditional methods, make the pate ideal companions to prepare a delicious aperitif or for a quick snack, for garnish slices of toasted bread or freselline. The Cannoleria Sicily pate are also excellent when used in rustic sauces, or dressing for salads of pasta or rice, or even on main courses of fish.



Fish products of Sicilian Cannoleria are a real treat for the eyes and the palate, good to taste alone or combined with various ingredients, in simple or elaborate dishes that bring to the table the scent , the mystery and the taste of the sea.



Since ancient times man, to ensure the accumulation of stocks, was used to study methods of food preservation. During the war it was used to salt or smoke the food of the soldiers in order to ensure greater retention over time. One of the most used methods was exactly to totally immerse the products in oil in order to create a barrier against oxygen and thus block the advance of pathogens.



Honey Cannoleria Sicilian undergoes no alteration but it is a natural and healthy food that the bees get nectar from flowers, nectar is transformed and enriched with substances of their bees, which then uses to store it and let it ripen in the combs of waxen ‘hive, hence is extracted and packaged.



The Cannoleria Sicilian  offers jams and marmalades unique and tasty flavor to flavor to your recipes. Excellent jams to taste, perfect for breakfast or maybe combine cheeses and other treats.