In Oil

Since ancient times man, to ensure the accumulation of stocks, was used to study methods of food preservation. During the war it was used to salt or smoke the food of the soldiers in order to ensure greater retention over time. One of the most used methods was exactly to totally immerse the products in oil in order to create a barrier against oxygen and thus block the advance of pathogens.
The Cannoleria Sicily offers the natural preservation of vegetables with the use of only extra virgin olive oil, which becomes the key ingredient for a product with unique health benefits and taste fresh and genuine.


The traditional, tasty preparation with the addition of capers, onion and olives, is protected by an excellent oil ready at any time in your pantry.

Ingredients: eggplant, tomato sauce, olives, sunflower oil, capers, onion, celery, extra virgin olive oil, sour wine, salt.


… the recipe will be online soon