During the holiday, the traditional Sicilian cuisine prevails at the level of the whole nation. Simple products are used for the creation of elaborate and original Christmas and Easter recipes, providing us with the Sicilian Food.

Lots of sweets and food that we consume regularly at Easter, Christmas and Carnival actually derive from the Sicilian tradition, which want to celebrate in the best way the most important events of the year, taking advantage of all the rules of taste and good food.

A centuries-old tradition of the Sicilian Food proposed during Christmas. For example the dessert par excellence consummated on December 25, il torrone. loved and appreciated all over the world, has lent itself to a number of revisions, but the recipe belongs to the traditional Sicilian cuisine. The same goes for the panettone, stuffed with chocolate, pistachio, cream, almonds and many other ingredients that leave room for imagination.

Sicilian desserts typical of Easter instead colomba or palummeddi. The traditional one is designed for those who love simple things, stuffed with apricots, chocolate, apple and pistachio. A Sicilian tradition that prefers natural sourdough, the choice of wholesome ingredients and a hand-crafted way of making cakes that is intended to be nationally known as a symbol of Easter.


I nostri  panettoni sono preparati con ingredienti naturali di prima qualità. La loro lavorazione rispetta i criteri tradizionali e, dove possibile, avviene a mano, per esaltare la bontà delle materie prime.


Anche Pasqua sarà all’insegna della bontà grazie alle uova e alle raffinate colombe firmate “La Cannoleria Siciliana”.