The Sicilian Pastry deserves special attention. For centuries they have improved recipes of the best Sicilian sweets, with a careful selection of ingredients and customizing the various stages of preparation.

And from their own tradition that comes one of the most beloved sweets, the cannolo siciliano. One hypothesis has it that this dessert made of fried dough and ricotta, was born in a convent of cloistered nuns in Caltanissetta, whereby, changing a recipe of Roman origin, they made this culinary gem exactly as we know it today.

You can taste the best Sicilian Pastries in Rome at any time by choosing the finest flavors of traditional Sicilian pastry. Cannoli, ice cream, jams and fresh croissants that strengthen the daily ritual of breakfast.

When you think of Sicilian Sweets, you couldn’t remember all that variety of fruity ice cream and slush, always made with fresh ingredients belonging to the tradition. The Sicilians have used all their craftsmanship to create some of the most popular products throughout Italy and abroad.

We should think of the jams and creams, but especially nougat: one of the most popular Sicilian pastries in the island, the element that can’t miss during the popular festivals, in all its wonderful and delicious variations.


The Sicilian Cannoli are one of the most famous specialties of Sicilian pastry. Originally they were prepared during the carnival; over time the preparation has lost its character of occasional and experienced a remarkable spread throughout the country.

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The preparation of cakes holds together the colors and flavors of the Sicilian pastry. Only using the best ingredients and the freshest raw material you can get the results that pastry chefs have achieved only after years of hard work and study experience.

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From us you can taste many types of sweets: Cassata Classical, Cassata with Orange, Bavarian, Bavarian forest fruit, Bavarian Nutella, Tiramisù Classico, Tiramisù with ricotta cheese, Tiramisù Hazelnut, Pistachio Tiramisù, Sacher. Do not miss the Setteveli Chocolate, with Orange and Pistachio, a delicacy.

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Homemade Ice Cream prepared with fresh ingredients and kept as a tradition in the wells. The fruit flavors are prepared with the best seasonal fruits and with the use of raw materials of high quality to get the creams delicious. Inevitable is the “Brioche with Tuppo” Sicilian real delicacy filled with ice cream that you like, taste to believe.

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La Cannoleria Siciliana: the sweetness of Sicily awaits you in the heart of the capital for a typical, rich and tasty breakfast. Brioche of different sizes, filled with hazelnut cream, almond creamand pistachio cream, mingle among Sicilian cakes, typical brioches with “Tuppo”.

We wait all day for a good start to your day!

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