Sicilian Wines

Legend sees Sicily as the cradle of the vine, from which is extracted the precious nectar of Gods. Moving from myth to reality, we can see that actually Sicilan Wines are among the best in the world.

Wine production is an art handed down by Greek settlers, right on the island, they continued to refine their art so offering some of the best Sicilian wines.

Among the Sicilian red wines par excellence, the kind that cannot miss in an wine shop, we could find Moscato and Marsala, sweet wines produced in the province of Trapani. But the best known in the whole world, since the 60s, is Nero d’Avola, a red wine, with a very spicy flavor.

Today talking about Nero d’Avola rather we refer to a number of Sicilian red wines  produced with the homonymous grape.

As for Sicilian white wines  instead, there are Chardonnay (known as yellow Pinot from Burgundy), Grillo and Viveur of Funaro. These are some of the best and most appreciated Sicilian white wines, perfect to be enjoyed main courses with fish.

Although it’s hardly that the “white” could achieve fame and notoriety of “red”, recognized worldwide as the best Sicilian wines.


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